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Tokenized Open Data on the Blockchain

key features

Decentralized Data Marketplace & Exchange

Tilebase is a decentralized data/AI marketplace & exchange;
aiming to revolutionize the emerging 'Open Data Economy' & machine learning ecosystem, through a tokenized and  cloud computable access control layer on the blockchain.


1. Data Hosting
Web3 Gateway

Data providers can operate a serverless oracle node which will be visible on-chain.


The number of oracles serving a data feed will accurately represent how decentralized it is, as there is a one-to-one mapping between oracles and data sources.

2. Marketplace

Data providers supply tokenized data feeds to monetize their data onto the blockchain.


Developers can then connect with these accurate and reliable data sets from individual off-chain data provider end-points hosted on The Marketplace.

3. Subscription

Web3 applications can access and integrate with live decentralized data feeds connected seamlessly, straight to their project, via a monthly subscription package, that can be paid through our Dapp in either crypto or stablecoins.


4. Earn Rewards

Users stake ($TILE) against the data pools to earn a (%) of the transaction fees.

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